W.M. Herring

Hello! I was born in Quebec, grew up in Vancouver, lived many years in the Central Interior, and now live at tidewater on Vancouver Island. I acknowledge with respect and gratitude that I live and work on the traditional, unceded territories of the Coast Salish People who have cared for these lands and waters over countless generations.

A Sure Connection is my first collection of poems.

A Sure Connection

In A Sure Connection the author contemplates connections that matter, and that confirm we matter — connections with others and with our real or re-imagined selves. Through portraits of faith, family, nature, mortality and ordinary life, the work affirms resilience and resolve with clear, rich language seasoned with a wry twist, ensuring an engaging read. With many pieces set in British Columbia — from the sub-boreal plateau to the coastal rainforest — A Sure Connection evokes a sense of attachment to place that is as personal as it is universal.


At times a love letter to the natural world, at others a poignant reminder of love, loss and hope, Herring’s poems are a sensitive probe of the small moments that create our most lasting memories. Strung together like little jewels, the many facets of each memory reflect back to us our complicated connection with the world around us. Occasional glimpses of a wider world and a sprinkle of literary references add depth to one woman’s search for A Sure Connection.

Penny Draper, Author ~ Columnist

In A Sure Connection, Herring writes with precision and keen observation about places she has lived, from “the dark-eyed juncos, bird-busy in the mist” to the crows at the local mall, pillaging sausages out of open grocery bags left in the back of an old truck. Scattered throughout are poems from her new home in East Sooke, historical vignettes, and memories of her past. Herring’s gaze doesn’t swerve from the difficult — the black dogs of depression, kill-sites from a lynx, or the dead stuffed birds in a Victorian museum — these poems are needle-sharp. An impressive debut!

Al Rempel, Author ~ Poet