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National Poetry Month - W.M. Herring
What a great opportunity to “chat” with established poet and reviewer, Rob Lucas Taylor, in the course of this interview! Read the full interview at this link:

First Interview/ First Review

Also the first update in quite awhile.

I neglected to announce earlier that I had my first live interview for the book on CBC Daybreak, out of Prince George, on October 14th. I appreciate the airtime and the thoughtful questions.

The first review of “A Sure Connection” after its publication to appear on the web (to my knowledge) is this sympathetic review by writer/author/reviewer Danny Peart, available online at The Ormsby Review.(

I am so grateful for this interest in the book.

Small Bear

Book launch today! Photos later. And, a snippet from Small Bear.

“On a bad day, even an average day,
there is no space for an orphan cub.”

Is this Small Bear three years on?

Short Story Performance

A break today from poetry teasers for the book, “A Sure Connection”…

My short story, “The Wedge” was released on podcast today. What a great performance by BC Actor Jessica Woollard!

The Moment

…the mother
glances away for the briefest
moment and the child vanishes.”

Spoiler Alert: all is not lost …

Gleann Eilg: New Year’s Eve

It rained yesterday – a lot. I crave light and warmth on such days, especially at the waning of the year.

Light lanterns and candles
for the promise of cheer.

This Orange

This orange … came so far,
adorned the pottery bowl so well:


** If you would like to attend the Book Launch in East Sooke on October 16 and haven’t received an invitation, drop me a note at . There are a few seats available. **

The title of the book “A Sure Connection” comes from this poem.

“… somebody saved by the rope
anchoring house to barn …”

Midwinter Words

Stark words & spare
writ white on white

Gleann Eilg: West Beach

“… take a moment
to catch sun-glint on madrone bark,
pick your way down boulders to the shore.