Wild Mint Tea

When you start with wild mint, a lot happens before you have tea in a pot.

On a brisk Fall day, crush
a few dried leaves,
boil the water, make the tea.

Three Black Dogs

From the first poem in the collection, which was also the first poem to be written:

Here, now, is the other—
twelve days old,
a mere handful of possibility.

Wee Isla, with her mother Sadie

Gleann Eilg: The Outhouse

“… the sorry rhombohedron

that blocks the eastward view …”

century old outhouse at Clowns Cottage


The Books Are Here!

Author’s copies of “A Sure Connection” have arrived. Oh, the excitement of opening the first box of one’s own books!

Drop me a note to direct order a signed copy.

After October 15th you can also buy the book through your favourite bookseller.

New Book Out October 2021!

My first book, A Sure Connection will be released by Now or Never Publishing on October 15, 2021.

The book will be available online and in selected bookstores.